Application for Tax Incentive

Phase 1

Preparation and Submission of Application for Tax Incentive

Discussing with your finance and operation personnel and conducting a comprehensive study on the facts of the case.

Reviewing the Company’s business structure, projected financial projected financial results, project milestones, types of products etc to gather requisite information.

Quantifying the potential tax benefits under Pioneer Status and Investment Tax Allowance to assist the Company in determining the type of incentive to apply for. For this purpose, we shall rely on the Company’s projected results.

Preparing and completing the necessary application form(s) for tax incentive for submission to the relevant authority.

Attend meetings, discussions and presentations to officers from the relevant authorities and attending to queries raised / following up for the approval of tax incentives (in principle).

In this respect, we may leverage on our good rapport with the relevant agencies. For the presentation, we would appreciate the involvement of your business / operations personnel to provide input from the technical and operational aspects of the Project.

Phase 2

Post-Incentive Application (if any)

Assisting the Company in the preparation and submission of the of relevant forms for issuance of Pioneer Status certificate or determination of effective date for Investment Tax Allowance. These forms shall be completed based on information provided by the Company. We shall also assist in collating all the required supporting documents for the purpose of submission to relevant authority.

For the avoidance of doubt, the above scope excludes compliance verification forms.

Following up with relevant authority including attending to all their enquiries until the confirmation letter from relevant authority is obtained.