Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invest Kedah?

Invest Kedah is a Government-Linked Company (GLC) entrusted to attracting, facilitating and supporting business investments in Kedah. Invest Kedah plays the key role of working with government agencies and local authorities to ensure a seamless set up process for local and international investors.

Where can I find information on Invest Kedah Board and Management?

An overview of Invest Kedah Corporate & Executive Bodies can be found in our Management and Board of Directors pages.

Where can I get information on cost of doing business in Malaysia?

Can refer to the Malaysian Investment Development Authority’s website, or the booklet that has been provided by Invest Kedah.

What is the step for application business license?

  • Refer to Local Municipal Council websites (according to which place the business will be setup).
  • Prepare a detailed write-up and complete the application form(s).
  • Submit the application to the Local Municipal Council.
  • Liaising with Local Municipal Council officers periodically after its submission and attending to their queries, if any.

What is the step for application manufacturing license?

  • Refer to Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) website,
  • Prepare a detailed write-up of business structure, projected financial results, project milestones, types of products, manpower requirement, etc.
  • Complete the application form(s) (i.e. Form ICA/JA-1).
  • Submitting the application and following up with MIDA for the issuance of the manufacturing license.

What are the criteria to apply Manufacturing Licensed?

A company with shareholder’s fund of RM2.5 million and above or full-time manpower of 75 people or more can apply for a Manufacturing Licence.

What is the step for application tax incentive?

Can refer to Application for Tax Incentive page or visit Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), or Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA),

What is the step for application licenced manufacturing warehouse?

  • Refer to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) website,
  • Prepare all the documents required and complete the application form(s) provided by RMCD.
  • Submit the application to the RMCD.
  • Follow-up with RMCD on the status of the applications from time to time.

What is the step to start business?

  • Obtaining general information (MIDA, Invest Kedah)
  • Submit detail proposal (Invest Kedah) preliminary study / application & approval by investment committee
  • Approval by state planning committee (SPC)
  • Application for specific trade / business license
  • Application to purchase industrial land
  • Manufacturing license / Incentives / Duty exemption
  • License / Approval

Who can invest at Kedah?

Any companies from local and foreign can submit their proposal online in Invest Kedah website.

How does Invest Kedah Berhad assist investors?

Invest Kedah provides full support services for investors including:
  • Advice and assistance in identifying potential investment points.
  • Providing essential local market insights and information.
  • Liaising with local government agencies to streamline the investment process.
  • Communication with local authorities to ensure compliance with local laws & regulations.
  • Formulation of attractively customized investment packages.
  • Assistance in resolving day-to-day operational issues.
  • Post investment support services

Where can I get the investment updates in Kedah?

Can refer to Invest Kedah websites.

Do Invest Kedah Berhad have social media channel?

Yes, we do. You can follow our social media channel for more updates.

How do I get contact details of Invest Kedah Berhad?

You can reach us through one of the following channels.

  • Tel: (6) 04-702 7373 / (6) 04-702 7374
  • Fax: (6) 04-702 7382 / (6) 04-732 5484
  • Email: [email protected]

Chat Box in the website: Use the Chat Box provided in the web portal.