Customs Related Services

Import duty mitigation exercise (Prior to obtaining LMW License)

This scope will involve the execution of import duty/indirect tax mitigation steps (where applicable which may include import duty/indirect tax exemptions, FTAs or staggered imports.

Discuss with the Company with the view to understand the Company’s expected business model and details and timeline of the Company’s project in setting up a business in Malaysia (restricted to 2 meetings).

Review the list of items to be imported by the Company which includes item description, tariff codes, country of origin and manner of import.

Establishing a planned framework to undertake the exercise, minimize processing time and preserve the exemption obtained.

Engaging with the relevant authorities with the view to facilitate the application process (restricted to 2 meetings).

To discuss with the Company with the view of finalising the list of items to be imported.

Advise on reconciliation steps prior to import/purchase to ensure items imported have been granted exemption.

To assist in making the submission to the relevant authorities the application for facilities to mitigate import duty/indirect tax.

To follow up and engage with the relevant authorities (including addressing issues raised) with respect to the application made.

Upon receiving decision from the relevant authorities, to provide high level advice to the Company on the key implications, reporting and documentation requirements (where applicable) based on the decision given by the authorities.