Immigration Services

Assignment 1

Registration onto the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) portal (one-time fee)

Advising the Company on the requirements, documentation and procedures for registration and set-up of the Company’s profile on the ESD portal.

Assisting the company in completing the registration form based on the information provided by the Company and uploading the necessary documents onto the ESD portal, and upon concurrence by the Company, submit the registration for the Immigration Department’s review and approval.

Liaising with the Immigration Department periodically after its submission and advising the Company of its progress accordingly.

Assignment 2

Employment Pass & Professional Visit Pass Application (New & Renewal)

Advising the Company of the relevant information required to immigration Department

Assisting the Company in preparing the necessary documents and advising the procedures at the Immigration Department

Seeking concurrence from the Company on all completed paperwork for submission to the Immigration Department

Providing advice and recommendations to the Company during the application including queries posed by the Immigration Department

Assisting the Company in arranging the endorsement of the Employment Pass onto the passport of the expatriate concerned.